U5D1 - End of Unit 5 Test : Dialogue 1

With most services, extra features can be added at an
    Whens someone is ill a doctor will normally take their
        are signs that the body gives out when someone is ill.
        After a brief period, a person who has fainted will normally regain
            is the thin layer of tissue forming the outer covering of our bodies.
            When taking someone's pulse you will notice an
              between each heart beat.
              We can assess the value of quality of something by
                A general review or summary of something is called an
                  • additional
                  • temperature
                  • Symptoms
                  • consciousness
                  • Skin
                  • interval
                  • appraising
                  • overview

                  U5D2 - End of Unit 5 Test : Dialogue 2

                  A general rule, principle or piece of advice is a
                    We can often learn how to do new things by following
                      Busy professionals will often manage their time by working to a
                        Following hip replacement surgery, the patient should avoid
                          their body.
                          Before starting an activity, ensure you have the necessary
                            to complete it.
                            Some medication can be more effective if we
                              the dosage.
                              An open wound on a body should be covered with sterile
                                The pressure contained in an airplane can make some people's feet
                                  • guideline
                                  • instructions
                                  • schedule
                                  • twisting
                                  • materials
                                  • increase
                                  • dressing
                                  • swell

                                  U5D3 - End of Unit 5 Test : Dialogue 3

                                    can be provided to someone to assist in walking.
                                    Medication to reduce the effects of pain are called
                                      Many towns and cities have
                                        to provide 'green spaces' for their residents.
                                        When people feel they cannot change or achieve something they may become
                                          A surgical intervention is more commonly referred to as an
                                            It is important that we
                                              to the advice that our doctors give to us.
                                              If there is something you don't understand you should ask a
                                                A doctor's building and associated land can be referred to as his
                                                  • crutch
                                                  • painkillers
                                                  • parks
                                                  • frustrated
                                                  • operation
                                                  • listen
                                                  • question
                                                  • premises

                                                  U5D4 - End of Unit 5 Test : Dialogue 4

                                                  A thing that may be chosen is called an
                                                    Someone who consumes too much alcohol will become
                                                      If a building suddenly falls down it is said to have
                                                        A good way to stay fit and healthy is to play
                                                          Friction over time will cause most objects to
                                                            At the end of my work day I'm glad to
                                                              the office.
                                                              After being burgled I found most of my belongings in a
                                                                on the floor.
                                                                  is a long distance running race.
                                                                  • option
                                                                  • drunk
                                                                  • collapsed
                                                                  • sport
                                                                  • wear
                                                                  • leave
                                                                  • heap
                                                                  • marathon

                                                                  U5D5 - End of Unit 5 Test : Dialogue 5

                                                                  Before surgery I had to undergo a physical
                                                                      is normally a specialist medical treatment centre.
                                                                      A person who is knowledgeable and skillful in a particular area is called an
                                                                        We can cause someone to remember something by
                                                                          After my hip operation I
                                                                            to be walking without restrictions.
                                                                            Working as a surgeon is considered to be a very desirable
                                                                              To pay particular attention to something we need to
                                                                                Hip replacement surgery has become a very
                                                                                  procedure in recent years.
                                                                                  • examination
                                                                                  • clinic
                                                                                  • expert
                                                                                  • reminding
                                                                                  • expect
                                                                                  • career
                                                                                  • focus
                                                                                  • common
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