U5D1E1 - Listening skills 1

Peter was late for the meeting
The form provides a set of pre-set questions that cover the most common symptoms
Mrs Rose does not have time to show Peter any of the questions on the form
As the questions go down they represent a more severe condition
There is also a section of the form to provide additional information

U5D1E2 - Listening skills 2

At what time does John Perry have a telephone appointment?  

How long should it take to complete the form?  

The titles for the conditions are 'no change', 'gradually' and:  

Where should you make a note of any action that has been taken?  

There is training provided for completing the form, when is the first session?  

U5D1E3 - Grammar : Prepositions

___ Monday morning I'm meeting with Mrs Jones.  

___ the weekend I usually go to the cinema with my friends.  

It is warmer ____ the summer  

My father is the eldest. He was born ____ 1966.  

My course starts ____ 9:00am every day.  

I plan to travel to Spain _____ November.  

____ Monday.  

The supermarket is open from 10:00am to 1:00pm ____ Easter Sunday.  

U5D1E4 - Grammar : Prepositions

I wake up
    7:00am every morning.
      Christmas Day we always have dinner with my parents.
      We always have family holidays
        the summer.
        The first train to Oxford leaves
          I go swimming
            Friday morning.
              2014, terrible floods hit the South of England.
              Shakespeare was born
                They are getting married
                  • at
                  • On
                  • in
                  • at
                  • on
                  • In
                  • in
                  • in

                  U5D1E5 - Vocabulary

                  How would you describe the ability to move or be moved?  

                  Which of the following words best describes a period of work?  

                  At a meeting it is considered rude to arrive:  

                  A person could sustain an injury as a result of a:  

                  Which word is most related to detail and including all elements?  

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