U4D2E1 - Listening skills 1

What does the 'D' of DR ABC stand for?
Mr Law asks Peter to lie on his:
The airway is the passage in the:
After pressing Peter's forehead, what colour is Mr Law looking for to return?
Which member of the group is responsible for reporting back on the practice session?

U4D2E2 - Listening skills 2

How does Mr Law describe the primary survey in terms of its importance?  

What is the first thing that Mr Law does when carrying out the primary survey?  

As well as placing his cheek close to the patient's nose and mouth, how else does Mr Law check if the patient is breathing?  

How long does Mr Law advise pressing on the patient's forehead?  

As well as checking around the body for severe bleeding, what else is Mr Law checking for?  

U4D2E3 - Grammar

He won the race easily, as he drove the
    car he had ever driven.
    She was very sad, as the was possibly the
      time of her life.
      Passing this exam was of the
        importance for Jenny.
        John was the only one who could see in the window, as he was the
          one in the group.
          David angrily screwed up in the paper into the
            ball possible.
            To save time on the journey, Mary calculated the
              route by car.
              I chose the cake that was the
                to me on the plate.
                I laughed so much, it was the
                  story I had ever heard.
                  • fastest
                  • loneliest
                  • utmost
                  • tallest
                  • smallest
                  • shortest
                  • closest
                  • funniest

                  U4D2E4 - Grammar

                  A man has collapsed, somebody call the _________  

                  The _____ is a member of the cat family  

                  The ____ tend to eat less healthily  

                  John loved rock music, he always wanted to learn to play the ______  

                  There was a robbery in town, I heard about it on the _______.  

                  U4D2E3 - Vocabulary

                  Which word means to weaken or harm by accepting lower standards?  

                  Which word means a thing that prevents or impedes passage?  

                  Which of the following means the most extreme, highest?  

                  What word means to move or cause to move into a position by exerting continuous pressure?  

                  What do we call the fleshy muscular organ in the mouth?  

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