U6D5E1 - Listening Skills

Mrs Jones was reading a book about young girls working in a
    . Peter asked Mrs Jones how old she was when she
      . Mrs Jones told Peter that her first job was at the
        . Her boss was called
          . At the factory Mrs Jones was expected to process sixty tyres
            . She continued working at the factory for nearly
              , she also met her
                there. He used to fix the
                  at the factory. Mrs jones told peter that a
                    was another word for a boyfriend. Mrs Jones and her husband
                      when she was eighteen years old.
                      • mill
                      • started work
                      • Dunlop factory
                      • Mr Grimes
                      • per hour
                      • twenty years
                      • husband
                      • machines
                      • sweetheart
                      • got married

                      U6D5E2 - Listening Skills

                      Where did Mrs Jones first go to with her husband (before they were married)?  

                      What does Mrs Jones enjoy talking about?  

                      Who did Mrs Jone sit with at lunch on her first day at work?  

                      How often did Mrs Jones see her husband at the factory  

                      When Mrs Jones got back from lunch, what had happened to her machine?  

                      U6D5E3 - Grammar : Reported Speech

                      I lent Jane £500 to help with her moving costs. She to pay me back within three months.
                      Mrs Brown me that she had lost her purse last week.
                      Peter me on gaining a place at university.
                      At 2 am the officer the winner of the political election.
                      After being questioned for an hour the boy finally takign the sweets.
                      He I looked very beautiful in my red dress.
                      The food was so terrible a number of people to the chef.
                      Jane that we might try a different restaurant next time.
                      Despite struggling wt the beginning, my music teacher always me to keep practising and not give up.

                      U6D5E4.1 - Grammar : Past Perfect

                      I had
                        the doctor three times before he answered.
                        Peter had
                          his guitar until the last person went home.
                          When my friend arrived I had already
                            the cinema.
                            Mrs Jones
                              her dinner before she took a shower.
                              After the library closed I
                                I needed to return my book.
                                • called
                                • played
                                • entered
                                • finished
                                • remembered

                                U6D2E4.2 - Grammar : Past Perfect

                                I visited the hospital twice after I had
                                  my arm.
                                  I had
                                    Peter long before he was a caregiver.
                                    By the time we arrived we had
                                      for six hours.
                                      Mrs Jones had
                                        her dress before her husband proposed.
                                        I had always
                                          short trousers when I was at school.
                                          • broken
                                          • known
                                          • driven
                                          • chosen
                                          • worn

                                          U6D5E5 - Vocabulary

                                          Peter was cycling to work at the local
                                            when he cycled over a sharp piece of metal in the road. Peter heard the release of air from his front
                                              . He stopped his bicycle to
                                                the damage. He could see that there was a large hole in the tyre, the
                                                  material had split. Peter looked in his bag for a
                                                    kit, he hoped he could
                                                      the problem; his bag was empty apart from his lunch. He decided to walk with his bicycle but this was very
                                                        . If he was late for work he knew he would be in
                                                          with his

                                                            Jane is a teacher at the local
                                                              . Jane does not eat meat and so she shops at a local
                                                                store. The storekeeper knows Jane and so he selects the most
                                                                  vegetables for her. She really appreciates this type of
                                                                    service and she has offered the storekeeper extra money. The storekeeper always
                                                                      and says that it is just his job. On a
                                                                        occasions Jane has given the storekeeper some small gifts.
                                                                        • factory
                                                                        • tyre
                                                                        • check
                                                                        • rubber
                                                                        • repair
                                                                        • fix
                                                                        • slow
                                                                        • trouble
                                                                        • boss
                                                                        • school
                                                                        • vegetable
                                                                        • delicious
                                                                        • personal
                                                                        • refuses
                                                                        • few
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