U3D3E1 - Listening skills 1

The doctor said that Mrs Jones was eating healthily
The doctor took measurements around Mrs Jones' body
Mrs Jones told the doctor that she didn't like to exercise
The doctor told Mrs Jones to drink more water
The doctor set Mrs Jones a weight loss target

U3D3E2 - Listening skills 2

How did the doctor respond to some of Mrs Jones; food choices?  

Why did the doctor take measurements around Mrs Jones' body?  

What did the doctor suggest Mrs Jones should be?  

What food did the doctor tell Mrs Jones to avoid?  

When will the doctor next be visiting the nursing home?  

U3D3E3 - Grammar : Reported Speech

The boy told me
    the violin.
    Mrs Jones said that
      Georgina said that
        in Rome next week.
        They told me that
          for two hours.
          He told me that
            his arm when he tripped and fell to the floor.
            They told me that
              beautifully at the concert.
              The secretary told me that the directors
                the problem for hours.
                You told me that
                  here at 6:00pm.
                  • he played
                  • she was tired
                  • she would be
                  • they had been waiting
                  • he had broken
                  • the girl had sang
                  • had been discussing
                  • you would be

                  U3D3E4 - Grammar : Reported Speech

                  Peter told me he a beautiful picture last week. (to paint)
                  Mrs Jones told me she her books this morning. (to collect)
                  He told me that last Wednesday he all day. (to work)
                  Louis said that when he was a child he football for hours. (to play)
                  They told me that in the past people as much money as they have now. (to have)

                  U3D3E5 - Vocabulary

                  Following the doctor's visit, it was clear that Mrs Jones should be more
                    . This would help her lose
                      . Unfortunately, Mrs Jones likes to eat
                          snacks. Her doctor wants her to
                            more healthy food. Peter thought the doctor gave Mrs Jones
                              advice. He agreed that she should
                                more water. He felt the weight loss
                                  of 1kg was quite low. He
                                    her to continue her exercises. The doctor will make an
                                      of Mrs Jones' progress in a month's time.
                                      • active
                                      • weight
                                      • cake
                                      • savoury
                                      • choose
                                      • sensible
                                      • drink
                                      • target
                                      • advised
                                      • assessment
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