Communicating With Patients

Conversation between Peter (caregiver) and Mrs Jones (resident)

Situation: Six weeks after Mrs Jones’ hip replacement surgery, she is becoming more mobile and able to engage in light activities around the care home. Peter, who has been providing personal care for Mrs Jones, including support of her physiotherapy, wants to meet with Mrs Jones to discuss her current situation with a view to updating her care plan.

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Grammar points:

Phrasal verbs, extended

Will and Going to for prediction

Persons: Peter (caregiver), Mrs Jones (resident)

Location: Mrs Jones’ room within the nursing home

Mrs Jones: Hello?
Peter: Hello Mrs Jones, it’s Peter.
Mrs Jones: Oh come in Peter, I was just relaxing and listening to the radio.
Peter: May I turn the radio down while we talk?
Mrs Jones: Certainly, you can switch it off if you want to.
Peter: How are you feeling today Mrs Jones?
Mrs Jones: I feel quite well. Maybe it has something to do with this lovely weather we’re having.
Peter: You seem to be doing very well with your recovery. Mrs Rose has asked me to update your care plan. Is that ok?
Mrs Jones: Yes of course.
Peter: I’m going to ask you some questions about how you’re feeling after the operation. Please tell me anything else you think I should know. After our discussion I’ll update the care plan.
Mrs Jones: OK Peter
Peter: I know your daughters are going to visit tomorrow. I’ll ask them to talk to you about the updated care plan. They’ll probably make some of their own suggestions too.
Mrs Jones: They’re going to bring my great granddaughter to see me. I’m looking forward to seeing her.
Peter: That’ll be nice for you. How do you feel your physiotherapy is going?
Mrs Jones: Well, I think. I can walk quite well now and I’m comfortable sitting down. I wasn’t very comfortable sitting down after the operation.
Peter: Do you get any pain when bending?
Mrs Jones: No not really.
Peter: Your care plan indicates that you’re taking two painkillers before bed. I’ll ask the nurse if that should be changed, considering you’re not getting any pain now. Do you think you could try using the toilet without the attachment to raise you up?
Mrs Jones: Yes, I think so.
Peter: OK I will make a note of that. Do you feel that you can walk without using your crutches, perhaps short distances within the residence?
Mrs Jones: I think so, though I’m not going to win any races at the moment.
Peter: The nurse told me that your wound has healed well, but she hasn’t indicated if you can take a bath yet. Have you taken a bath since the operation?
Mrs Jones: No Peter, I’ve only had showers.
Peter: Next time I run into the nurse I’ll ask if you’re able to take a bath.
Mrs Jones: Well that’s something else I can look forward to.
Peter: Is there anything else you think we should think about in relation to your care plan?
Mrs Jones: The physiotherapist said that I should keep on doing the exercises for my hip. Is that on the care plan?
Peter: Yes, it is but it hasn’t been updated since you started your exercises. I will look into updating that next time I see the physiotherapist. I’m also going to find out if you’re able to leave the premises, I think some fresh air will be good for you.
Mrs Jones: That would be nice peter. I’m fed up with staying inside so long.
Peter: I can understand if it’s frustrating for you, especially as you now have your new hip.
Mrs Jones: Well I’m going to make the most of this new hip once I’ve been given the all clear from the hospital. I’ll soon be walking around the park again, just you wait and see.
Peter: I’m sure you will, but just remember to take one step at a time, you don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage.
Mrs Jones: Yes, I know.
Peter: I’ll take the care plan with me and make the changes now. Do you want me to switch your radio back on for you?
Mrs Jones: Yes please Peter, there is something I want to listen to soon.
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