Word List


Wedding noun Her wedding was only last week
A marriage ceremony
Adjoining Adjective Her bathroom was adjoining
next to or joined with
Alone Adjective He was all alone now, as usual
having no one else present
Assistance Noun Her assistance was much appreciated
the action of helping someone by sharing work or support
Colleague Noun Her colleague was very strange
a person with whom one works in a profession or business
Communal Adjective The bathroom was communal
shared by all members of a community
Confidence Noun Her confidence had been knocked
the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or somethings
Facility Noun The facility was in a state of disrepair
a place, amenity or piece of equipment provided for a particular purpose
Father-in-law Noun Her father-in-law was coming for the night
the father of one's spouse
Lovely Adjective Her shirt was lovely
very pleasant or enjoyable
Mention Verb He hadn't mentioned his condition
refer to something briefly without going in to detail
Package Noun Her package had arrived
a set of proposals or terms offered or as agreed as a whole
Possession Noun Her possessions were her whole life
the state of having, owning or controlling something
Provide Verb He couldn't provide for her anymore
make available for use; supply
Respite Noun He had been offered respite care
a short period of rest or relief from something that is unpleasant
Skype Noun They always used Skype
a video and voice telephone system on a computer
Worry Verb He had to worry or no one would
feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems
Reservation Noun the reservation was made for 8:00 pm
the action of reserving something
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