U2D5E1 - Listening skills 1

Mrs Rose held a staff meeting that was attended by MAria and Peter. Peter was attending on behalf of
    . Before the meeting Mrs Rose had sent both Maria and Peter an
      . Mrs Rose explained that the nursing home would be changing its
        service provider. One of the reasons was issues with lost
          . In future all laundry needed to be packaged and labelled by
            . The second item discussed was in relation to Maria's
              . Mrs Rose had received a number of complaints about the levels of
                . Maria did admit that she had heard a couple of the staff talking
                  . Mrs Rose confirmed that resident Reg Smith had suffered a
                    in the gardens of the nursing home. Mrs Rose explained that she would review how they
                      residents when they are in the garden.
                      • John Perry
                      • agenda
                      • laundry
                      • clothing
                      • 11am
                      • team
                      • noise
                      • loudly
                      • heart attack
                      • monitor

                      U2D5E2 - Listening skills 2

                      How did Mrs Rose send the agenda to Maria and Peter?  

                      What did Mrs Rose say she would be monitoring in terms of the new laundry service?  

                      What did Mrs Rose say were being left switched on during the night?  

                      What was the final item of the meeting agenda?  

                      What did MRs Rose say that she would do with the minutes of the meeting, once she had prepared them?  

                      U2D5E3 - Grammar : Future Continuous Tense

                      What do you think will be
                        tomorrow night?
                        Mrs Brown will be
                          at 7:00pm this evening.
                          The teacher will be
                            a new grammar rule while you are on holiday.
                            I will be
                              the biology exam when you arrive home.
                              This time next year, you will be
                                a new school.
                                If she carries on this way, she will be
                                  a new book by tomorrow.
                                  He will be
                                    a new suit for the wedding.
                                    I'll be
                                      to a new apartment next month?
                                      Jane will be
                                        a record of all the incidents that happen at work.
                                        My music teacher said that we will be
                                          in a concert this time next year.
                                          • happening
                                          • eating
                                          • teaching
                                          • sitting
                                          • attending
                                          • reading
                                          • wearing
                                          • moving
                                          • keeping
                                          • performing

                                          U2D5E4 - Grammar : Future Continuous Tense

                                          I will be the doctor. (to call)
                                          Peter will be his guitar. (to play)
                                          My friends will be at the cinema at 9:00pm. (to arrive)
                                          Mrs Jones will be her dinner by the time you get back. (to finish)
                                          I will be my book to the library tomorrow. (to return)

                                          U2D5E5 - Vocabulary

                                          Mrs Rose decided to install
                                            cameras at the nursing home, to monitor residents in the garden. The cameras were installed by a qualified
                                              . While the cameras were expensive, Mrs Rose believed them to be of a high
                                                . Mrs Rose didn't mind paying a higher
                                                  for this type of equipment. The decision to install the cameras had been made at a staff meeting and recorded in the
                                                    . She felt that the cameras would
                                                      the safety of residents.
                                                      Mrs Rose sent out two
                                                        of the agenda. Sending the agenda before the meeting was to
                                                          that Maria and Peter knew what to expect and could prepare questions and/or notes/ Mrs Rose did not mention any
                                                            meetings. After the meeting Maria and Peter
                                                              to their care work duties.
                                                              • surveillance
                                                              • electrician
                                                              • quality
                                                              • price
                                                              • minutes
                                                              • improve
                                                              • copies
                                                              • ensure
                                                              • upcoming
                                                              • returned
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