U6D4E1 - Listening Skills

When Peter met Mrs Jones she told him that she wished she had more
    . Mrs Jones read the weather forecast in the
      , it suggested that it would probably
        . Mrs Brown was wearing a
          when she went to the shopping centre. Mrs Jones decided to walk to the
            to change her
              . She had to remember to take her library
                . Mrs jones said that she would to like to live somewhere where the
                  is more predictable. Mrs Jones put her library card in her
                    . Peter put Mrs Jones library books in his
                      • energy
                      • newspaper
                      • rain
                      • coat
                      • library
                      • books
                      • card
                      • weather
                      • purse
                      • bag

                      U6D4E2 - Listening Skills

                      What did Peter say he would invest in if it rained everyday?  

                      Which of the following did Peter NOT suggest as a place to walk to?  

                      What did Mrs Jones say that she could win (for her swimming)?  

                      What do you need to change your library books?  

                      When does Peter think it might rain?  

                      U6D4E3.1 - Grammar : Second and Third Conditionals

                      If I lived in _____, I would eat pizza everyday  

                      When I am ______, I will let you come to celebrity parties with me  

                      If there was no war at all, the world would be a ______ place  

                      She would have all of the ________ in the world if she was my girlfriend  

                      If we discover life on other _______, we might be able to move there ourselves  

                      U6D3E3.2 - Grammar : Second and Third Conditionals

                      If it had rained yesterday
                        If I had worked harder
                          I would have told peter
                            My teacher would have been sad
                              If we had bought the air tickets earlier
                                • we would have stayed at home
                                • I would still have my job now
                                • if I had seen him
                                • if I had failed my exam
                                • they would have cost less

                                U6D4E4 - Grammar : Modals

                                If I _____ fly I would fly over the oceans  

                                My mother said that I ____ keep my room tidy if I want to please her  

                                My brother _______ be a singer in a band, until they split  

                                Mountain climbing ___ be dangerous if you are not well prepared  

                                You ______ take your umbrella today, it looks like it may rain  

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