Arranging a local visit

Conversation between Peter (caregiver) and Mr Bates (tourist office manager)

Situation: A caregiver wishes to book a local day trip for a group of residents from a care facility. He visits a local tourist office to discuss the options available and to decide on a suitable day trip for elderly residents.

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Persons: Peter (caregiver), Mr Bates (tourist office manager)

Location: Tourist office

Mr Bates (speaking into the telephone): : Yes that's no problem I can wait. A customer (Peter) enters the office
Mr Bates (speaking to Peter): : Can you hold on a moment while I finish this call?
Peter: : OK
Mr Bates (speaking to Peter): : Please sit down.
Peter: : Thank you.
Mr Bates (speaking into the telephone): : Yes? OK so the booking is confirmed and you’ll put the tickets in the post? OK, thank you very much, goodbye. (Telephone call ends)
Mr Bates (speaking to Peter): : I’m sorry about that. So, how can I help you?
Peter: : I would like to arrange a day trip for a small group of senior citizens please.
Mr Bates: : OK, when would you like to arrange the day trip for?
Peter: : Next week I think, while the weather is still warm.
Mr Bates: : That’s a good idea, and how many people will be going on the trip?
Peter: : Around ten senior citizens and two caregivers to look after them, so twelve people in total.
Mr Bates: : Will you require transport?
Peter: : Yes please.
Mr Bates: : And where do you want to set off from?
Peter: : From the care home on Bridge Street.
Mr Bates: : The group couldn’t set off from the town centre could they?
Peter: : No as some of the group find it difficult to walk long distances, it can be very tiring for them.
Mr Bates: : Oh, and we should keep that in mind for the trip, shouldn't we?
Peter: : Yes I think we should.
Mr Bates: : Ok I will log on to the computer and see what day trips are available next week. I have a few options that we can look at. The first one is a trip to a new art exhibition in town.
Peter: : I think some of the group could find that too boring. Not all of them like art.
Mr Bates: : Ok I understand. What about a museum? They would enjoy a museum, wouldn't they?
Peter: : Possibly, but museums and art exhibitions require a lot of walking. Some of the group could get very tired.
Mr Bates: : OK I understand.
Mr Bates: : Oh yes I think I have found a more suitable trip for your group.
Peter: : That’s good, what is it?
Mr Bates: : It is a trip to a theatre in the next town. It used to be very popular in the past and it has been renovated to look Just the way it did fifty or sixty years ago.
Peter: : That sounds really interesting
Mr Bates: : Yes and it also shows plays from the same period, it is like a trip back in time.
Peter: : That sounds absolutely perfect, I am sure that our group would really enjoy that.
Peter: : How much will it cost?
Mr Bates: : It's £12 per person. That price includes travel and entrance to the theatre.
Peter:: That sounds reasonable, could you check available dates for me?
Mr Bates: : Yes of course. I can see that there are Seats available next Thursday. The bus will collect your group at 1pm and the performance will start at 2pm. Shall I book it for you?
Peter: : Yes please. Which theatre is it?
Mr Bates: : It’s the old Roxy theatre.
Peter: : I went there myself around two years ago. I could see then that it needed to be improved.
Mr Bates: : Well it has definitely been improved, it's very beautiful now, as beautiful as it was when it was first built.
Peter: : That's good to hear, it is a shame when beautiful buildings are not maintained properly.
Mr Bates: : Ok your booking has been made. I will give your tickets to the bus driver. He can give them to you and your group when he collects you next week. He will also collect the money at the same time.
Peter: : Thank you very much, I am looking forward to this day trip myself.
Mr Bates: : I hope you and your group enjoy the show, and the beautiful building.
Peter: : I am sure we will (Peter stands up)
Peter: : Thank you for your help.
Mr Bates: : No problem. I’m glad that we’ve been able to help you. Well goodbye and have a good day.
Peter: : You too
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