U1D2E1 - Listening skills 1

Should a first aider always call the emergency services?
What is the first principle of first aid?
Is first aid the same as medical treatment?
What type of survey should be carried out by a first aider?
What is the first aider responsible for keeping fully stocked?

U1D2E2 - Listening skills 2

How should Peter address the course instructor?  

What elements of first aid does the instructor say will be taught?  

Peter said that first aid is:  

First aid is often about making what type of decisions?  

What should a first aider follow when dealing with any situation?  

U1D2E3 - Grammar : Modal Verbs

A teacher ______ always take care of the pupils  

Mr. Jones has lost his wallet, he ______ go to the police station  

When I was young I _____ run very fast  

If you study harder you _____ achieve a better grade  

When you see a red traffic light you ______ stop  

U1D2E4 - Grammar : Modal Verbs

When you go to Rome

    Maria is not feeling well

      When you finish work

        When mark was young

          Nurses in hospitals
            • you should visit the Colosseum
            • she should rest
            • you should relax and watch a film
            • he could read for hours
            • should always be polite

            U1D2E5 - Vocabulary

            Which word means to keep something from happening?  

            Which word means intense?  

            Which of the following could lead to a conclusion or a resolution?  

            Which of the following suggests something will last the longest?  

            Which word means to do something to remove doubts and fears?  

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