U6D3E1 - Listening Skills

Which relative did Mrs Jones make a birthday card for? Her .
What type of places did Ivy and her husband visit? places.
How did Mrs Jones want Peter to cut the picture out? .
What did Peter print on the computer? The .
What did Mrs Jones say she was as a child? She was .

U6D3E2 - Listening Skills

What does Mrs Jones space evenly across the card?  

Which of the following countries did Ivy NOT visit?  

How long have Ivy and Wilf been married?  

What picture did Peter accidentally cut in half?  

How does Mrs Jones prefer to write personal messages?  

U6D3E3 - Grammer : Adverbs

The boy never made mistakes and played his violin
    Mrs Jones divided the cake
      so that everyone had the same amount.
      After the argument with his wife the man slammed the door
        To avoid waking the children I have to do things
          I broke my arm when I
            tripped and fell to the floor.
            The girl sang
              and it was difficult for people to hear her.
              • perfectly
              • equally
              • loudly
              • quietly
              • accidentally
              • quietly

              U6D3E4.1 - Grammar : Past Simple

                a beautiful picture last week.
                Mrs Jones didn't
                  her books this morning.
                  Last Wednesday I
                    all day.
                    When Mrs Jones was a child she
                      many beautiful things.
                      In the past people didn't
                        as much money as they do now.
                        • painted
                        • collect
                        • worked
                        • created
                        • save

                        U6D3E4.2 - Grammar : Past Simple

                        Last year I
                          to America for my holiday. I
                            a car and I
                              to many different places. I
                                the car with petrol at the petrol station. I didn't have any US dollars so I
                                  with my credit card. I
                                    the Statue of Liberty but I didn't
                                      the Grand Canyon. I
                                        some interesting people in America and I
                                          lots of presents for my family. I also
                                            some presents for myself.
                                            • went
                                            • hired
                                            • drove
                                            • filled
                                            • paid
                                            • saw
                                            • see
                                            • met
                                            • bought
                                            • kept
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