U5D2E1 - Listening skills

What does Mrs Rose ask Peter to provide for Mrs Jones?
What is it that Peter thinks he might lack to do this job?
What has the hospital sent a list of in the booklet?
How should Peter read the guide?
Who will Peter meet on Friday afternoon?

U5D2E2 - Listening skils 2

Peter will be taking on more responsibility now that he's finished his:  

What will one of the nursing home nurses be looking after?  

What is the limit that Mrs Jones has been advised to move her hip?  

What must Peter monitor for any signs of redness?  

Who will Peter be studying the material along with?  

U5D2E3 - Grammar : Modals

It's freezing cold! I
    your jacket.
    They are calling our flight. We
      to the gate now.
        your room.
          in the waiting area, as it is illegal.
            him or he will get upset.
            She looks unwell. We
              the doctor straight away.
                our hands before handling food.
                  our seatbelts when taking off and landing.
                  • must put on
                  • must go
                  • must tidy
                  • mustn't smoke
                  • mustn't tease
                  • must call
                  • must wash
                  • must fasten

                  U5D2E4 - Grammar : Modals

                  To pass your exam

                    To treat your illness

                      You must not touch the new paint

                        To play an instrument well

                          To maintain your fitness
                            • you must score more than 80%
                            • you must take this medicine
                            • for at least 24 hours
                            • you must practice
                            • you must exercise

                            U5D2E5 - Vocabulary

                            What piece of material would you use to cover and protect a wound?  

                            What unit is used to measure angles?  

                            What word describes the observing and testing of an employee?  

                            Which of the following words means to make an arrangement to do something?  

                            Which word describes a part of the body becoming rounder or larger in size?  

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