U4D1E1 - Listening skills 1

Mrs Jones asks Peter for assistance in writing a leaflet
The leaflet was left for Mrs Jones by a health worker
Mrs Jones takes three tablets in the morning and four tablets at night
Peter needs to leave because the lunches are being served
Mrs Jones asks Peter to leave the leaflet in her drawer

U4D1E2 - Listening skills 2

The patient's charter is about Mrs Jones' rights as a patient in relation to her:  

What is required from the patient before their family members can be provided with information about their medication?  

The leaflet explains that the doctor and the nursing home staff should 'work together' with which other service?  

According to the leaflet, how often should the doctor check that the patient has the right medication?  

What does Peter suggest that Dr Naik provides for the nursing home?  

U4D1E3 - Grammar

I have orange.
John has banana.
At school I wrote poem.
I attended art class.
I sat examination.

I like to drink water.
Some politicians tell the truth.
We toasted the bread.
The children played out in the rain.
At the restaurant we ate cakes.

U4D1E4 - Grammar

David didn't have toys.
There wasn't water in the bath.
Jenny has got money.
How ducks were in the lake?
I hope we have good weather on holiday?
How money can you pay me?
Brian has got toys.

U4D1E5 - Vocabulary

A written statement of rights of a specific group is called a:  

A person who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs is called a:  

A person who buys goods or services from a shop is called a:  

Supposing something without proof is to:  

What verb do we use to say that we will retain something?  

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