Word List


Carefully adjective I walked in carefully
Making sure of avoiding potential danger, mishap or harm
Personal adjective This is my personal diary
Belonging to or affecting a particular person rather than anyone else
Assignment Noun The students found the assignment quite easy
a task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study
Attachment Noun Jane got sent the attachment
an extra part or extension that is or may be attached to something to perform a particular function
Bend Verb She tried to bend over the desk
(of a person) incline the body downwards from the vertical
Booklet Noun They were given a booklet about internet safety
a small, thin book with paper covers, typically giving information on a particular subject
Degree Noun A degree higher would be too much
a unit of measurement of angles
Dressing Noun He put a dressing on the cut
a piece of material used to cover and protect a wound
Guideline Noun The guideline sasy to stay inside
a general rule, principle, or piece of advice
Hip Noun Peter had a bruise on his hip
a projection of the pelvis and upper thigh bone on each side of the body in human beings and quadrupeds
Illustration Noun The girl traced an illustration from a book
a picture illustrating a book, newspaper, etc.
Increase Verb Brian had to increase the amount of water
become or make greater in size, amount, or degree
Instruction Noun The instruction was to cook the dinner
detailed information about how something should be done or operated
Materials Plural noun The materials are listed in the leaflet
things needed for an activity
Probation Noun He was on probation at his new job
a process of testing or observing the character or abilities of a person who is new to a role or job
Replacement Noun The replacment system worked just as well
the action or process of replacing someone or something
Schedule Verb They had to schedule in what time the guests would eat
make arrangements for (someone or something) to do something
Swell Verb The bruise would swell after a few minutes
(especially of a part of the body) become larger or rounder in size, typically as a result of an accumulation of fluid
Twist Verb He had to twist to reach the shelf
move one's body so that the shoulders and hips are facing in different directions
Wound Noun it's important to clean and cover an open wound
an injury to living tissue caused by a cut, blow, or other impact, typically one in which the skin is cut or broken
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