Appointment at the Hairdresser

Initial conversation between care home resident Mrs Jones and Peter, a young caregiver, followed by a conversation between Peter and Yvonne, the proprietor of a local hairdressing salon.

Situation: Mrs Jones will be receiving a visit from her granddaughter and she wishes to look her best by having her hair ‘done’.  Mrs Jones asks Peter to make an appointment with Yvonne, the hairdresser at the local salon.

Audio: Listen to the audio file here.

Grammar points:

Comparative adjectives

Persons: Peter (caregiver), Mrs Jones (resident), Yvonne (hairdresser)

Location: The discussion takes place in Mrs Jones’ room within the nursing home, while Peter makes the telephone call from a separate room within the nursing home.

Peter: Good afternoon Mrs Jones. Mrs Rose said that you wanted to see me.
Mrs Jones: Hello Peter, yes that’s correct.
Peter: Is there something that you need?
Mrs Jones: It’s my birthday next week and one of my granddaughters is coming to visit.
Peter: Oh, which one?
Mrs Jones: Sadie, she’s the eldest of my grandchildren. She has a little girl of her own now.
Peter: That will be nice to see them.
Mrs Jones: Well it would be, if my hair wasn’t greyer than a squirrel.
Peter: Are you suggesting that you need to visit the hairdresser?
Mrs Jones: Yes, I will feel happier if I can look better than I do now.
Peter: OK I’ll call Yvonne and see if she has an appointment available before your birthday.
Mrs Jones: Thank you Peter. Tell Yvonne that Thursday is better than Wednesday for me.
Peter: OK I will.
Mrs Jones: Can you also ask if Yvonne can do my hair? I think she’s better than the other girls.
Yvonne: Hello, Tints and curls hair salon, Yvonne speaking.
Peter: Hello Yvonne, this is Peter from Bridge Street nursing home. I’m calling on behalf of Mrs Jones.
Yvonne: Hello Peter. How is Mrs Jones? Didn’t she have a hip operation recently?
Peter: Yes, she did and she’s recovering well. She says that she feels fitter than she has felt for years. She’s certainly much happier these days.
Yvonne: Well good for her! Did you want to make an appointment for her?
Peter: Yes, please. Sometime next week before Friday. She said that Thursday is better than Wednesday for her.
Yvonne: That’s not a problem as Wednesday is a busier day for us. Does she want a cut or a cut and colour?
Peter: I think both. She said her hair is ‘greyer than a squirrel’. So I’m certain she wants a colour.
Yvonne: I can fit her in on Thursday morning at 11am if that’s ok. What do you think?
Peter: That’s perfect. Also can I check if you can do Mrs Jones’ hair yourself?
Yvonne: Yes, I can, but why’s that?
Peter: Well I’m not sure if I should say, but Mrs Jones thinks your better than the other girls.
Yvonne: Well that’s certainly a nice compliment but all the other girls here have been trained by me. I don’t think anyone here is any better or worse than anyone else.
Peter: I’m sure you’re right, but Mrs Jones has more confidence in you.
Yvonne: Only because I’m older, and that’s not such a good compliment to receive.
Peter: I’m sure it’s because you have more experience.
Yvonne: I think you’re just trying to be kind Peter. So, can we agree on an appointment for next Thursday at 11am?
Peter: Yes, I have made a note of it already. Can you also tell me how much it will cost?
Yvonne: A cut is £10 and a colour is £15. If she also wants her hair set it will be more expensive.
Peter: OK I will tell her that. I’m sure she’ll be pleased not to have hair like a grey squirrel.
Yvonne: It depends on the colour she chooses, but she could end up looking more like a red squirrel.
Peter: That’s true, though I certainly won’t mention that to Mrs Jones.
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