U3D5E1 - Listening skills 1

Mrs Jones has planned to invite her
    to the nursing home for a
      gathering. Peter has reserved a table in the common room, by the
        . Mrs Jones suggests that her friends may enjoy some
          . However. Mrs Jones' choices do not take into consideration the needs of her guests. She orders high calorie food even though one friend is a
            . She orders pork even though one friend is a
              . Peter suggests some alternatives and Mrs Jones decides to order
                savoury snacks. For her diabetic friend she decides to order some special diabetic
                  . Peter will fetch the food from the local
                    . He suggests that he should put a clean
                      • friends
                      • social
                      • window
                      • snacks
                      • diabetic
                      • muslim
                      • vegetarian
                      • cookies
                      • supermarket
                      • shirt

                      U3D5E2 - Listening skills 2

                      When are Mrs Jones' friends coming round?  

                      What type of biscuits does Mrs Jones say that she wants to order?  

                      Which one of Mrs Jones' friends has diabetes?  

                      What does Peter suggest Mr Smith may have?  

                      What type of food does Mrs Jones keep from her original list?  

                      U3D5E3 - Grammar : Modals

                      You have been waiting over an hour. You
                        Have you checked the car? The keys
                          on the passenger seat
                          There are clouds in the sky. It looks like it
                            I cannot see from here. It
                              That girl, it
                                Luisa, I am sure
                                They told me that the girl had sung beautifully at the concert. She
                                  music all her life
                                    late for their next meeting, if the traffic doesn't get better
                                      here at 6:00pm
                                      • must be
                                      • might be
                                      • might
                                      • might not be
                                      • must be
                                      • must have studied
                                      • might be
                                      • might be

                                      U3D5E4 - Grammar : Modals

                                      I have been waiting for an hour. It's possible that the train
                                        not arrive.
                                        They have known each other for a while. They
                                          be good friends by now.
                                            eat pasta every day, I like it so much.
                                            Mrs Jones
                                              come tomorrow, if she feels well.
                                                take my library books back today or I will get a fine.
                                                • may
                                                • ought to
                                                • could
                                                • might
                                                • must

                                                U3D5E5 - Vocabulary

                                                What is a raised pie made with minced, cooked pork, typically eaten cold called?  

                                                How might you describe a pre-arranged meeting of friends?  

                                                Which word means to direct one's mind towards someone or something?  

                                                Where would you go shopping for groceries?  

                                                Which phrase means to take precaution against something happening?   

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