U3D1 - End of Unit 3 Test : Dialogue 1

As people get older their bodies become less efficient at
    The human skeleton is made of
      Energy from food and drinks is measured in
          is a substance taken to remedy the deficiencies in a person's diet.
          Our bones and our teeth require
            A person's mental and physical condition can be described as their
              To be
                is to work in a well-organised and competent way.
                Guidance or recommendations are both types of
                  • absorbing
                  • bone
                  • calories
                  • supplement
                  • calcium
                  • health
                  • efficient
                  • advice

                  U3D2 - End of Unit 3 Test : Dialogue 2

                  The origin of something can be described as its
                    A chair fitted with wheels and used by someone who cannot walk is a
                      A sloping surface joining two different levels is a
                        A pub that offers accomodation may be termed an
                            is cooking food in hot fat or oil, typically in a shallow pan.
                            Foods that do not contain animal or vegetable fats are known as
                                food you pour fat or juices over it during cooking.
                                  is a powder obtained by grinding grain that is used to make bread
                                  • source
                                  • wheelchair
                                  • ramp
                                  • inn
                                  • Frying
                                  • fat-free
                                  • baste
                                  • Flour

                                  U3D3 - End of Unit 3 Test : Dialogue 3

                                  To stay healthy people are encouraged to maintain an
                                      is considered to be a very British drink.
                                      If a person does not exercise and eats unhealthy food, they are likely to gain
                                          is a dough made of flour, fat and water.
                                            someone of what to do if we think they can benefit from our experience.
                                            A manager will often
                                              their subordinate what they should do.
                                              Spring water is a very healthy and natural
                                                • active
                                                • Tea
                                                • weight
                                                • Pastry
                                                • assessment is a critical review of something or someone.
                                                  We may {advise
                                                • tell
                                                • drink

                                                U3D4 - End of Unit 3 Test : Dialogue 4

                                                Cured meat from the back or sides of a pig is called
                                                  Many people in Britain eat bread that is browned by heat, it is called
                                                    Fried breakfasts are
                                                      by people around the world every morning.
                                                        is an edible fungal growth.
                                                          is a specific request for food when eating at a café or restaurant.
                                                            is the major part of our digestive system.
                                                            The act of obtaining groceries is called
                                                                are a breakfast food made from grains.
                                                                • bacon
                                                                • toast
                                                                • enjoyed
                                                                • mushroom
                                                                • order
                                                                • stomach
                                                                • shopping
                                                                • Cereals

                                                                U3D5 - End of Unit 3 Test : Dialogue 5

                                                                A person who does not eat meat or fish is called a
                                                                  A mistake can also be described as an
                                                                    A person suffering from diabetes is a
                                                                        actually means to meet by chance.
                                                                        A quantity or consignment of goods produced at one time is known as a
                                                                          Preparing, mixing and then heating ingredients is
                                                                              is a damaging immune response by the body to a substance.
                                                                                is a light meal that is eaten in a hurry or in a casual manner.
                                                                                • vegetarian
                                                                                • error
                                                                                • diabetic
                                                                                • Bump into
                                                                                • batch
                                                                                • cooking
                                                                                • allergy
                                                                                • snack
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