U4D4E1 - Listening skills 1

Many people have
    on objects at some stage, it's a very common occurrence. If someone is choking it's important that you act
      . It's also common for someone choking to start to
        , as they
          for air. It is common for people, especially children, to choke on boiled
            . Young children often put strange things in their
              . Old people are also prone to choking as they do not always have full sets of
                . Old people may be more likely to choke on a
                  stone. It is important to know how to deal with this particular
                    . In the demonstration, Peter pretends that he has got something stuck in his
                      • choked
                      • quickly
                      • panic
                      • struggle
                      • sweets
                      • mouths
                      • teeth
                      • fruit
                      • hazard
                      • throat

                      U4D4E2 - Listening skills 2

                      What is the first thing that Mr Law asks Peter to do to remove the blockage from his throat?  

                      When Peter leans forward, what does Mr Law do five times to Peter's back?  

                      What part of his body does Mr Law squeeze against Peter's abdomen  

                      If the blockage cannot be removed easily, what should you ensure someone has called for?  

                      If the patient stops breathing, what procedure should you begin?  

                      U4D4E3 - Grammar

                      This been an enjoyable holiday.
                      He hasn't very hard at school this year.
                      The girls played much better than the boys.
                      I understand that Martin has everyone my secret.

                      U4D4E4 - Grammar

                        Jonathon started his lesson yet?
                          heard this song before?
                            that film so many times.
                              such a good time.
                                experienced the same thing?
                                  in the shower.
                                    a good time?
                                      any food this evening.
                                      • Hasn't
                                      • Have you
                                      • has seen
                                      • have had
                                      • you all
                                      • has finished
                                      • we all had
                                      • hasn't eaten

                                      U4D4E5 - Vocabulary

                                      How would we describe a sudden and uncontrollable fear or anxiety?  

                                      How would we describe a hand with the fingers bent towards the palm?  

                                      What are the large flat triangular bones at the top of the back called?  

                                      What term do we use to describe hitting with the palm of the hand or a flat object?  

                                      Which word means to cause or allow something to pass down the throat?  

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