U5D3E1 - Listening skills 1

What does Peter switch off shortly after entering Mrs Jones' room?
How does Mrs Jones describe the weather?
What will Mrs Jones use to raise her up when she uses the toilet?
Mrs Jones feels that she can walk without using what?
What does Peter think will be good for Mrs Jones?

U5D3E2 - Listening skills 2

What did Mrs Rose ask Peter to do?  

What did Peter ask Mrs Jones if she gets?  

What will Peter ask the nurse if Mrs Jones can take?  

Where did MRs Jones say she will be walking once given the all clear?  

What did Peter say he would do to the care plan once meeting had finished?  

U5D3E3 - Grammar : Phrasal Verbs

    and saw Mrs Jones at the bedroom window.
    Can you
      the radio? I can't hear it from over here.
        the TV? I cannot concentrate with that distraction.
        Why don't we
          this evening? We could go to the cinema.
          I will
            your advice.

            Peter is
              to meeting you next week.
              I decided to
                my driving test until I feel more confident.
                I hope I
                  my new work colleagues.
                  You will need to
                    the office in the morning, I'll be arriving late.
                    This activity is too difficult for me, I
                      • looked up
                      • turn up
                      • Turn off
                      • get together
                      • listen to
                      • looking forward
                      • put off
                      • get along with
                      • open up
                      • give up

                      U5D3E4 - Grammar : Phrasal Verbs

                      The boy gave
                        playing the piano.
                        Mrs Jones cut the cake
                          4 slices.
                          I ran
                            George last week, he looks well.
                            To avoid waking the children I have turned the radio
                              I broke my arm when I fell
                                the stairs.
                                My father gave
                                  smoking 2 years ago.
                                  She decided to break
                                    her engagement to Tom.
                                    I don't think I'll ever get
                                      the shock of that film.
                                      • up
                                      • into
                                      • into
                                      • down
                                      • down
                                      • up
                                      • off
                                      • over

                                      U5D3E5 - Vocabulary

                                      After her
                                        Mrs Jones found it difficult to walk without a
                                          . She could not walk for any great
                                            and she needed to take a
                                              after each walk, to ease the pain. Sitting in her room each day made her
                                                , as she could only listen to her
                                                  . She really wanted to go and walk in the
                                                    . She had a
                                                      with Peter and she asked him how long she would need to stay indoors. Unfortunately, Peter couldn't answer this
                                                        . He said he was sure it wouldn't be long before she was
                                                          • operation
                                                          • crutch
                                                          • distance
                                                          • painkiller
                                                          • frustrated
                                                          • radio
                                                          • park
                                                          • discussion
                                                          • question
                                                          • well
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