U4D3E1 - Listening skills 1

Peter said a person may faint due to pain, exhaustion, hunger or
When someone faints their pulse normally
In most cases a person who has fainted will recover in a few
Which type of survey would you carry out if a patient does not recover in a short time?
How many signs are there to look for to determine if someone has fainted?

U4D3E2 - Listening skills 2

What may happen to a patient if they suffer a brief loss of consciousness?  

What could happen to a patient's heart rate if they faint?  

What sign should you look for in the skin of a patient that has fainted?  

How should you position a person that has fainted?  

Where should you look for signs of recovery?  

U4D3E3 - Grammar

The theatre performance starts 2:30.
Madonna became famous the 80's.
Unfortunately I have to work Saturday.
She became scared as the dog came her.
I've always lived the UK.

U4D3E4 - Grammar

    the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.
    The sports car was travelling
      The teacher was
        that girls worked harder than boys.
        Margaret didn't answer e-mails when she was
          The summer fete was a triumph and the whole day went
            Bill and Ted were good friends, as they had many things
              She got into the wrong car
                The police officer was not
                  to discuss the case.
                  June felt that her boss took her
                    David was running as he was
                      • According to
                      • at high speed
                      • of the opinion
                      • on leave
                      • without a hitch
                      • in common
                      • by mistake
                      • at liberty
                      • for granted
                      • in a hurry

                      U4D3E5 - Vocabulary

                      Fainting is a
                        loss of consciousness. a person may faint due to a number of factors including pain,
                          , hunger or stress. Fainting could also be caused due to someone
                            up for a long period of time. There are three
                              that you should look for to determine if someone has
                                . One of these signs is a drop in the patient's heart
                                  , resulting in a slow
                                    . Someone who has fainted should be given plenty of
                                      , which could mean opening a window. Their legs should be raised to around knee
                                        , ensuring that their feet are positioned
                                          their head.
                                          • brief
                                          • exhaustion
                                          • standing
                                          • signs
                                          • fainted
                                          • rate
                                          • pulse
                                          • air
                                          • height
                                          • above
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