Craft activities - card making

Conversation between Peter (caregiver) and Mrs Jones (resident)

Situation: Mrs Jones takes part in a regular craft activity, supported by Peter. In this situation it is decided that the activity will focus on card making, something that Mrs Jones enjoys. Peter and Mrs Jones discuss which type of card to make before working together to design and make a card.

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Grammar points:


Past simple

Persons: Peter (caregiver), Mrs Jones (resident)

Location: Care facility general room 

Peter: : We will make some cards today Mrs.Jones, I know how much you like craft activities.
Mrs Jones: : That's good. I really enjoyed it when we made cards before
Peter: : Did you finish that lovely birthday card you were making for your granddaughter?
Mrs Jones: : Yes I finished it but I forgot to send it on time. She received it two days after her birthday. I was quite embarrassed.
Peter: : Well at least she knew that you had made the effort to create the card yourself.
Mrs Jones: : Yes that's true. She said that she really liked it.
Peter: : So what sort of card do you want to make today? Do you have something in mind?
Mrs Jones: : I'm not sure. All of my grandchildren have had their birthdays this year.
Peter: : Any other special occasions coming up?
Mrs Jones: : Well I was thinking about my friend Ivy yesterday. She has been married to her husband Wilf for almost fifty years.
Peter: : Is it their wedding anniversary soon?
Mrs Jones: : Yes it’s next week.
Peter: : Well that sounds like a perfect event to make a card for. Do you have any ideas about how it should look?
Mrs Jones: : Well they always took their holidays in exotics places. They were both Enthusiastic travellers before they had their family.
Peter: : Where did they go?
Mrs Jones: : I can't remember all of the places. I remember that they went to America, Australia, Hong Kong, and Egypt.
Peter: : That sounds really exciting.
Mrs Jones: : Yes and that was before there were so many holiday companies or the internet. They had to plan everything themselves.
Peter: : Ok so we need to find some pictures relating to travel. Do you have any?
Mrs Jones: : I saw some the last time we made cards. I think they were in that box. Peter opens the box
Peter: : Yes I think these are the ones you mean. What else do you need?
Mrs Jones: : Yes, I need a piece of stiff card to start with. I also need some scissors and some glue.
Peter: : Do you want me to help you with cutting out?
Mrs Jones: : Yes you can cut the pictures out as long as you do it neatly.
Peter: : You know I always cut things out neatly.
Mrs Jones: : Not always Peter
Peter: : Ok I know I accidentally cut one of the flower pictures in half last time.
Mrs Jones: : Luckily it was only the picture that you cut accidentally, and not your fingers.
Peter: : Well I can say that I do cut things out safely.
Mrs Jones: : If you cut these three pictures out I can space them evenly across the front of the card. I will look for a suitable background image.
Peter: : Shall I put the glue on the card for the background?
Mrs Jones: : Yes please and make sure you apply it generously, I don't want any of the pictures to fall off.
Peter: : Yes I recall you had that problem last time. I don't think the glue we used then was very good. This one seems better.
Mrs Jones: : OK Peter let me place this image on the card.
Peter: : What do you want to do with these three images?
Mrs Jones: : I think I will place them on some smaller card so that they will sit in front of the background.
Peter: : Shall I print some lettering for you on the computer? I did that for your last card.
Mrs Jones: : Yes please, I think a simple message like 'Happy anniversary' will be fine. Choose the lettering carefully, I don't want anything too crazy.
Peter: : OK. I think I can do that.
Peter: : Here's the lettering. It's not too crazy is it?
Mrs Jones: : No Peter, that looks fine.
Peter: : I must say that I think the card looks really good, I think you are very creative.
Mrs Jones: : I think I was creative as a child. After I had my family I never seemed to find the time to do any craft activities myself.
Peter: : Well it looks like you are making up for it now. Is that finished?
Mrs Jones: : Yes I think it is. I will write the message inside later, I want a little time to think about it. I prefer to write personal messages slowly.
Peter: : Just remember to post it in time for their anniversary.
Mrs Jones: : I won't forget to do that again, not after what happened last time.
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