Word List


Arrange verb Can you arrange that?
Organise or make plans
Available adjective The bus is available
Able to be used or obtained
Boring adjective The museum might be boring
Not interesting
Caregiver noun Peter is my caregiver
A person who cares for someone
Confirm verb Can you confirm this is correct
To make something definite
Distance noun It is a very long distance to walk
The length of the space between two points
Entrance noun I will meet you at the entrance to the cinema
An opening that allows access to a place
Exhibition noun Are you going to the art exhibition
A public display of works of art or items of interest
Hold on phrasal verb Can you hold on for a moment?
Improve verb I'm sure we can improve the bus service
Make or become better
Log on phrasal verb I will just log on to the computer
Enter a computer system (normally with a password)
Maintain verb It takes a lot of work to maintain the building
Keep in good condition or the same condition
Museum noun The museum is very interesting
A building containing objects of historical or cultural importance
Option noun We have a few options available for you
A thing that is or may be chosen or selected
Performance noun Your performance was very good
An act of presenting a play or concert
Renovate verb We need to renovate this old room
Restore to a good state of repair
Set off phrasal verb We need to set off very soon
Start a journey
Sit down phrasal verb Please sit down
Move from a standing position to a sitting position
Suitable adjective Is this trip suitable for the senior citizens?
Right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose or situation
Theatre noun The theatre is very nice
A building or place in which plays are performed for an audience
Ticket noune Can I see your ticket for the bus please
A piece of paper or card that gives the holder the right of entrance
Transport noun Do you provide transport
A system or means to moving people or goods from place to place
Travel verb How will you travel there
The action of travelling; taking a journey
Trip noun How was your trip?
A journey or excursion, especially for pleasure
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