Preparing a Bath

Conversation between Peter (caregiver) and Mrs Jones (resident)

Situation: Mrs Jones, who has recently had a hip operation, has now healed sufficiently to take a bath rather than a shower. Care worker Peter intends to prepare the bath for Mrs Jones.

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Grammar points:


Persons: Peter (caregiver), Mrs Jones (resident)

Location: The discussion takes place in Mrs Jones’ room within the nursing home

Peter: Good morning Mrs Jones, it’s Peter.
Mrs Jones: Oh do come in Peter, I’ve been waiting for you.
Peter: How are you today, did you sleep well?
Mrs Jones: No, not really. I didn’t sleep well at all.
Peter: Oh, why was that?
Mrs Jones: There was some noise in the corridor. Sleeping is difficult for me at the moment.
Peter: Why’s that?
Mrs Jones: I’m worried about hurting my hip in my sleep.
Peter: Worrying can keep you awake. The nurse said that your hip has healed very well, so try not to worry.
Mrs Jones: Yes, I’ll try. Now did you say I could take a bath this morning.
Peter: Yes, I did. Bathing can be relaxing so maybe it will help with your sleeping too.
Mrs Jones: I prefer bathing to showering. I’m glad the nurse is allowing me to take a bath.
Peter: I’ll check if the bathroom is free. I think Mrs Brown was in there earlier.
Mrs Jones: That’s no surprise, I think her hobby is bathing. She might just wash her self away one of these days.
Peter: I don’t think that’s quite true. Her real hobby is knitting.
Peter: The bathroom is free and I’ve started to run the water.
Mrs Jones: You’re such a good boy Peter, you’re always helping.
Peter: Helping is my job, though I also enjoy it.
Mrs Jones: Can you fetch me some clean underwear from my drawer, and my clothes from the hanger?
Peter: Yes of course, shall I take them into the bathroom for you?
Mrs Jones: Yes please, and make sure the water is not too hot.
Peter: The water is ready and it’s not too hot. Do you need assistance getting to the bathroom?
Mrs Jones: If you can just help me out of this chair I will be ok. Can you pass me my wash bag from the cupboard?
Peter: Is this it, the blue one?
Mrs Jones: Yes, it is. It has all of my soaps and shampoos in it, even a little perfume.
Peter: Smelling nice always makes me feel better. That’s what I like about bathing and showering
Peter: Hello, Mrs Jones, have you finished yet?
Mrs Jones: Almost. The nurse said that drying the wound after bathing is important, so I’m doing that carefully.
Peter: That’s good. Be careful not to rub too hard. Do you need assistance getting back to your room?
Mrs Jones: No Peter, I feel quite confident in walking.
Peter: Looking at your care plan I see you are scheduled to change your physiotherapy exercise today. Shall I come to your room after lunch to assist you with the exercises?
Mrs Jones: Yes please Peter, though people will start to think my hobby is exercising. I seem to be exercising every day.
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