U2D2E1 - Listening skills 1

Where did Mrs Jones say the noise was coming from?
What part of Mrs Jones' body was she worried about hurting?
What did Peter say Mrs Brown's hobby was?
What did Peter say makes him feel better?
What did Mrs Jones do to the wound after bathing?

U2D2E2 - Listening skills 2

What is difficult for Mrs Jones at the moment?  

How did the nurse describe the way Mrs Jones' hip had healed?  

What does Mrs Jones prefer to showering  

What did Peter start to run?  

What did Mrs Jones ask Peter to fetch from her wardrobe?  

U2D2E3 - Grammar : Gerunds

Would you mind
    in the restaurant?
      is an important skill to have.
      My teacher always recommends
        speaking in another language.
          is a passion of mine.
            is harmful to your health.
            My grandfather was a chef and he still enjoys
              He really enjoys
                after his granddad.
                  a bike is something I have never been able to do.
                  • not smoking
                  • Reading
                  • practicing
                  • Sailing
                  • Smoking
                  • cooking
                  • looking
                  • Riding

                  U2D2E4 - Grammar : Gerunds

                  She has
                    several calls every day.
                    Your main job is
                      the report for each patient.
                      They really enjoy
                        in the park.
                        My friend dislikes
                          by plane.
                          My main exercise is
                            the dogs.
                              is one of your best skills!
                              I really enjoy
                                when on holiday.
                                Do you mind
                                  as it makes me feel ill.
                                  • to answer
                                  • completing
                                  • walking
                                  • travelling
                                  • walking
                                  • Listening
                                  • sunbathing
                                  • not smoking

                                  U2D2E5 - Vocabulary

                                  How do you transfer something to someone else?  

                                  Which of the following can be switched on and off?  

                                  A person is likely to become what, before an examination?  

                                  What do you do when you think about things in the past?  

                                  How would you laugh in a light and repetitive way?  

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