U1D3E1 - Listening skills 1

Which emergency service does Peter ask for?
Where is the garden in relation to the property (nursing home)?
Peter said that Mr Smith was lying on the ground, what did he say he wasn't doing?
In what way was Mr Smith breathing?
Where does the operator tell Peter to 'place one hand' on Mr Smith's body?

U1D3E2 - Listening skills 2

What other building is the nursing home near to?  

What state did Peter find Mr Smith in?  

What did the operator ask if there was evidence of?  

How does the operator ask Peter to position Mr Smith?  

What could Peter see that Mr Smith was doing?  

U1D3E3 - Grammar : Present Continuous Tense

I listen to the radio when I'm (to drive) my car.
I'm (to draw) a picture of my cat.
She's (to cook) dinner for her friends.
Mark (to write) is a new book.
Would you like to come for dinner tomorrow night?
I'm sorry I can't come tomorrow night. I'm (to meet) Luisa to go to the cinema.
The chocolate on the cake is (to melt)

U1D3E4 - Grammar : Present Continuous Tense

One night during the week I
    out with my friends to the cinema. Then we
      back to my parents' house, where my mother
        a delicious meal. However, this week is different. We
          to the restaurant for dinner. My mother is
            dinner. I hope the food will be as nice as hers.
            • usually go
            • go
            • cooks
            • are going
            • not cooking

            U1D3E5 - Vocabulary

            Which word means of little depth?  

            Which of the following words could describe how someone is breathing?  

            Which of these is part of a face?  

            Which of the following is based on facts?  

            Which of the following could indicate that an injury has been suffered by someone?  

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