Conversation between Peter (caregiver) and Mrs Jones (resident)

Situation: It’s early morning and Mrs Jones has just woken and is not feeling well. Peter suggests that she should eat something for breakfast though she is unsure what to choose. Peter has to list out the breakfast choices available and before long Mrs Jones appears to feel a little better.

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Grammar points:

‘Will’ and ‘going to’ for prediction

Persons: Peter (caregiver), Mrs Jones (resident)

Location: The meeting place takes place in Mrs Jones’ Room

Peter: Morning Mrs Jones, how are you feeling today?
Mrs Jones: Oh not so well Peter.
Peter: Oh really, what’s wrong?
Mrs Jones: My stomach feels upset.
Peter: I’m going to collect all the breakfast orders today so what would you like?
Mrs Jones: I don’t think I’ll take breakfast today.
Peter: You’ll need to eat something Mrs Jones, even if it’s something light.
Mrs Jones: It’s ok Peter, I’m going to have dinner with my daughter this evening, I can eat then.
Peter: No that won’t do, I’ll get you something light. Do you prefer toast or cereals?
Mrs Jones: What cereals?
Peter: Corn Flakes, Weetabix or Museli. Which will you have?
Mrs Jones: And the toast?
Peter: White bread, brown bread or seeded bread. Will you take some toast?
Mrs Jones: Oh, I’m not sure, toast and cereals are not that tasty. Do you know what Mrs Brown is going to have?
Peter: Yes. I’ve just spoken with her. She’s going to have a fried breakfast, bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms and baked beans.
Mrs Jones: Do they have any black pudding?
Peter: I’m not sure, I will ask the chef when I get back to the kitchen.
Mrs Jones: OK, I think I will have the same as Mrs Brown, with black pudding if they have it.
Peter: Are you sure? I thought you said that your stomach was upset this morning.
Mrs Jones: Well it was but it feels a little better now.
Peter: Well if you’re sure I’ll order a fried breakfast for you.
Mrs Jones: Yes please Peter. Do you know how long it will be as I may take a shower first?
Peter: I’m going to pass all of the orders to the kitchen once I leave here. So it will probably be around half an hour
Mrs Jones: That’s fine, I’ll take a quick shower before breakfast then.
Peter: What time are you going out with your daughter this evening?
Mrs Jones: We’re going to have dinner at six, but she’s going to collect me at four. We may go shopping first.
Peter: Well I hope you enjoy your dinner this evening.
Mrs Jones: I’m sure I will, but before that I’m going to enjoy my fried breakfast.
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