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Free-time activities

This unit contains dialogues related to free-time activities that a person receiving care may engage in with the support of a caregiver. The scenarios presented represent a small range of activities, though there are many more free-time activities for people receiving care to engage in. Therefore the dialogues attempt to present a number of approaches to instruction, assistance and suggestions etc. that could be used in other free-time situations.

Characters from dialogues

Person receiving care
• Mrs Jones is a 75 year old lady who has recently moved into a residential care facility. She is still physically able and enjoys many of the free-time activities provided for residents.

• Peter is a 20 year old caregiver who has worked in the residential care facility for almost two years. He is well liked by the residents and his mature approach to his work means that he is often given responsibility for activities normally assigned to more experienced caregivers.

Tourist officer (dialogue 1 only)
• Mr Bates manages the local tourist office. This office provides free advice to tourists and also assists people when booking short trips.


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