Word List


Always Adverb He always ate lunch at 12
at all times, on all occasions
Competent Adjective She was very competent with a computer
having the necessary ability, knowledge or skill to do something successfully
Decision Noun That was her final decision
a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration
Deterioration Noun The deterioration was faster than they had though
the process of becoming progressively worse
First Aid Noun He was proficient in first aid
help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available
Inaccurate Adjective Her answer was inaccurate
not accurate
Injure Verb She didn't mean to injure him
do physical harm or damage to a part of one's body
Paramedic Noun He had called for paramedics already
a person trained to give emergency medical care to people who are seriously ill with the aim of stabilizing them before they are taken to hospital
Permanent Adjective The doctor said the damage would be permanent
lasting ot intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely
Prepare Verb He had to prepare
make someone ready or able to deal with something
Preserve Verb She wanted to preserve the butterfly
maintain something in its original or existing state
Prevent Verb He couldn't prevent this hapening
keep something from happening
Principle Noun It was a principle rule of hers
a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of behaviour
Promote Verb She promoted his ideas
support or actively encourage something; further the progress of
Protocol Noun It was a direct protocol
the accepted or established code of procedure or behaviour in any group, organization or situation
Reassure Verb She would often reassure him
say or do something to remove the doubts and fears of someone
Recovery Noun His recovery was swift
a return to a normal state of health, mind or strength
Role Noun His role had been made clear
used to define how someone should act in a situation
Session Noun The session was over
a meeting of people with a defined objective, often used in an educational sense
Severe Adjective Her injury was very severe
very great; intense
Stock Noun She needed to update the stock
a supply or quantity of something accumulated or available for future use
Temporary Adjective This was just a temporary solution
lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent
Train Verb She had to train him up
teach a particular skill or type of behaviour though practise and instruction
Trainer Noun He was the trainer for the session
a person who trains people or animals
Treatment Noun Her treatment was long lasting
the manner in which someone behaves towards or deals with someone or something
Well-Being Noun Her well-being was of utmost importance
the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy
Worse Adjective He was feeling much worse today
of poorer quality or lower standard; less good or desirable; more serious or severe
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