U6D1 - End of Unit 6 Test : Dialogue 1

Not all people are interested in art galleries. Some people find them
    Walking long distances can be
      for some old people.
        is a place where plays are performed for an audience.
          is a public display of works of art.
          When deciding on a day trip we may choose from a range of
            Renovating an old building is likely to
              A tourist office can
                a day trip for you.
                You normally need a
                  to go to a theatre.
                  • boring
                  • tiring
                  • theatre
                  • exhibition
                  • options
                  • improve
                  • arrange
                  • ticket

                  U6D2 - End of Unit 6 Test : Dialogue 2

                  Regular exercise can help people to feel
                    Standing and walking are easier on a
                        your head when you want to look up.
                          is located at the top of your arm.
                          You can
                            your foot off the ground.
                            We need to
                              before exercising.
                              Older people move more
                                than young people.
                                  a bottle top to remove it.
                                  • healthy
                                  • flat
                                  • tilt
                                  • shoulder
                                  • lift
                                  • warm up
                                  • slowly
                                  • rotate

                                  U6D3 - End of Unit 6 Test : Dialogue 3

                                  You can use a knife or
                                    to cut things out.
                                      is a date on which an event took place in a previous year.
                                      Something from a distant foreign country could be described as
                                        Most artists are considered to be
                                          An activity involving making things by hand is called a
                                            A photograph can be an
                                              of a person.
                                              Hazardous materials should be handled very
                                                When we think of things in the past we
                                                  • scissors
                                                  • anniversary
                                                  • exotic
                                                  • creative
                                                  • craft
                                                  • image
                                                  • carefully
                                                  • remember

                                                  U6D4 - End of Unit 6 Test : Dialogue 4

                                                  People carry an
                                                    to protect themselves from the rain.
                                                    You may find it difficult to lift a
                                                      When the
                                                        blows you can feel very cold if you are outside.
                                                        Many women carry their money in a
                                                          You go to the shops to
                                                            your shopping.
                                                            Things that are
                                                              are less likely to surprise us.
                                                              Many people read a
                                                                when travelling on a train.
                                                                Some people
                                                                  their hairstyle quite often.
                                                                  • umbrella
                                                                  • heavy
                                                                  • wind
                                                                  • purse
                                                                  • fetch
                                                                  • predictable
                                                                  • book
                                                                  • change

                                                                  U6D5 - End of Unit 6 Test : Dialogue 5

                                                                    are often used to manufacture many products in industry.
                                                                    To not have many of something is to have a
                                                                      When asked to do something for someone you may
                                                                        Learning to become a caregiver is a
                                                                          containing many steps.
                                                                            symbol means 'to add' : +
                                                                            You should always
                                                                              your answers at the end of an exam.
                                                                              Your doctor may record
                                                                                information about you.
                                                                                If you break the law you are likely to get into
                                                                                  • Machines
                                                                                  • few
                                                                                  • refuse
                                                                                  • process
                                                                                  • following
                                                                                  • check
                                                                                  • personal
                                                                                  • trouble
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