U4D1 - End of Unit 4 Test : Dialogue 1

    can legally prepare and dispense medication.
    Some people willingly campaign for the
      of others.
      A person appointed to speak on your behalf is your
        It is often a good idea to ask
          before doing something.
          To perceive with the eyes is to
              is a piece of furniture with a door, that is used for storage.
              Someone with a headache may take a painkilling
                The shopkeeper was always happy to see
                  arriving at his shop.
                  • pharmacist
                  • rights
                  • representative
                  • permission
                  • see
                  • cupboard
                  • tablet
                  • customers

                  U4D2 - End of Unit 4 Test : Dialogue 2

                  The passage by which air reaches people's lungs is called the
                    The best solution is the
                      You can make a sound by
                        your finger on a hard surface.
                        A book can stimulate the reader to
                          wonderful things.
                          To put yourself forward to do something is to
                            When we get a cold we often get a sore
                              Learning to drive is the
                                reason for taking driving lessons.
                                  warnings are often written in red or placed on a red background.
                                  • airway
                                  • optimal
                                  • tapping
                                  • imagine
                                  • volunteer
                                  • throat
                                  • primary
                                  • Danger

                                  U4D3 - End of Unit 4 Test : Dialogue 3

                                  Spinning around repeatedly will make you
                                    Giving a
                                      is an effective way of teaching something.
                                        is an extreme physical or mental state.
                                        Something that is proven to be true is a
                                          When lightning appears it does so
                                              help us to navigate unfamiliar places.
                                                occurs due to a severe lack of food.
                                                I found myself in an awkward
                                                  • dizzy
                                                  • demonstration
                                                  • Exhaustion
                                                  • fact
                                                  • briefly
                                                  • Signs
                                                  • Hunger
                                                  • situation

                                                  U4D4 - End of Unit 4 Test : Dialogue 4

                                                  A wet floor in a public place is a potential
                                                    Young children often
                                                      strange inedible objects.
                                                      An upset stomach can cause
                                                        It is dangerous to
                                                          over a high balcony.
                                                          It is incredible how some animals
                                                            in very harsh conditions.
                                                            A postage stamp is designed to
                                                              to a letter.
                                                              A nail is hit with a
                                                                blow from a hammer.
                                                                You can
                                                                  lemon juice directly into tea.
                                                                  • hazard
                                                                  • swallow
                                                                  • abdominal
                                                                  • lean
                                                                  • survive
                                                                  • stick
                                                                  • sharp
                                                                  • squeeze

                                                                  U4D5 - End of Unit 4 Test : Dialogue 5

                                                                  Some criminals
                                                                    to their crimes immediately.
                                                                    I was
                                                                      when I stumbled in front of a group of strangers.
                                                                      My grandmother was ninety eight years old when she
                                                                        It is important for a salesman to
                                                                          with his customers.
                                                                          My brother is a very
                                                                            person who always makes me laugh.
                                                                            A cake is a sweet dessert that has been
                                                                              My mouth was numb after undergoing
                                                                                I find celebrity culture quite
                                                                                  and unimportant.
                                                                                  • admit
                                                                                  • embarrassed
                                                                                  • passed away
                                                                                  • interact
                                                                                  • witty
                                                                                  • baked
                                                                                  • dental
                                                                                  • trivial
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