U5D5E1 - Listening skills 1

Who will Mrs Jones meet at the clinic, along with their team?
What is the abbreviated term for an electrocardiogram?
By the end of the year how many hip replacements surgeries will this particular unit have carried out?
What type of thinking does Peter encourage Mrs Jones to adopt?
Some medications can apparently affect the way you what?

U5D5E2 - Listening skills 2

When Peter mentions Mrs Jones surgery date, what does she thank him for?  

What has Mrs Rose asked Peter to talk to Mrs Jones about?  

What do the team at the clinic need to discuss with Mrs Jones prior to her surgery?  

Mrs Jones confirms that it is her hip that is a problem, but what part of her body does she say is not a problem?  

What does Peter specifically advise Mrs Jones to focus on, rather than the unlikely chance of something going wrong?  

U5D5E3 - Grammar : Future Perfect

By tonight, I my book. (to finish)
You dinner. (to cook)
The teacher the verbs by next week. (to teach)
Peter in Italy by now. (to arrive)
By 2am the officer all the reports. (to complete)
We London for the first time. (to leave)
People the video before the end of today. (to see)
Jane the car by then. (to wash)

U5D5E4 - Grammar : Future Perfect

I (to call) will the doctor.
Peter (to play) will his guitar.
At 9pm my friend and I (to arrive) will .
Mrs Jones (to finish) will her dinner.
I (to remember) will to call him.

U5D5E5 - Vocabulary

In most surgical procedures
    is used to mask the pain. Before surgery takes place the patient will require a physical
      . Surgeons and their teams are
        in their fields. It is common to have to provide your
          history. As part of the preparation the patient may have to undergo an ECG, to measure the electrical activity of the
            . In Mrs Jones' case, her hip condition has placed
              on the things that she does. PAtients are encouraged to
                on the
                  of having surgery. Patients should also think
                    . And finally when the day of the surgery arrives, the patient should arrive
                      , to avoid any of the medical experts having to wait around.
                      • anaesthetic
                      • examination
                      • experts
                      • medical
                      • heart
                      • restrictions
                      • focus
                      • benefits
                      • positive
                      • early
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