U1D1E1 - Listening skills 1

Mr & Mrs Williams are going to Benidorm
Accommodation is provided in a twin room
John Williams likes things to be clean
John Williams cannot walk
Mrs Williams will prepare a list of medication for Mrs Rose

U1D1E2 - Listening skills 2

Why do Mr & Mrs Williams want to arrange a respite stay for John Williams?  

How long is the shortest respite package available?  

Which of the following activities does John Williams need assistance with?  

What does John Williams like to do?  

At what time will Mr & Mrs Williams visit the nursing home?  

U1D1E3 - Grammar : Modal Verbs

Helen is studying languages at university.
    speak English, Italian and Spanish.
    When we were at school,
      help whenever we wanted.
      If you don't study hard
        your exams.
        At the age of 7
          20 metres.
            you with your homework?
              make me a cup of tea?
              Georgina is always polite/
                true that she was rude to her teacher!
                  some sandwiches? We are starving!
                  • She can
                  • we could find
                  • you could fail
                  • she could swim
                  • Can I help
                  • Could you
                  • It can't be
                  • Could we make

                  U1D1E4 - Grammar : Future Tense

                  My exams are very near. I study harder.
                  On the 14th of January it is my Birthday. be 35 years old.
                  I hope come and visit me next year.
                  I think buy a take away tonight.
                  There is a large queue at the cinema. We be delayed.
                  I hope get a good grade for my English exam.
                  I am sure you do a good job decorating your new house.
                  The film at nine
                  He probably be late because of traffic.
                  I be quiet while you talk to your parents.

                  U1D1E5 - Vocabulary

                  What type of care can be provided to provide a period of rest or relief from something?  

                  What space is designed to be shared by a community?  

                  What term describes someone who you work with professionally?  

                  How might you describe an enjoyable event?  

                  What would you make to book something in advance?  

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