U3D4E1 - Listening skills 1

Mrs Jones had woken up with an upset
    . When Peter asks her what she wants for
      she doesn't seem keen to
        anything. Peter explains that she could have toast or
          . He also explains that she can choose between white bread,
            bread or seeded bread. She asks what Mrs
              is having. Peter explains that she has ordered a
                  . Suddenly Mrs Jones appears to have recovered and asks if the chef has
                    . Before she eats her breakfast Mrs Jones wants to take a
                      • stomach
                      • breakfast
                      • eat
                      • cereals
                      • brown
                      • brown
                      • fried
                      • breakfast
                      • black pudding
                      • shower

                      U3D4E2 - Listening skills 2

                      Why did Peter visit Mrs Jones' room?  

                      Which of the following reasons did Mrs Jones give for not wanting breakfast?  

                      Which of the following was not included in Mrs Brown's breakfast order?  

                      How long did Peter say the breakfast would probably take?  

                      What did Mrs Jones say she may do before going to dinner?  

                      U3D4E3 - Grammar : Predictions

                      I think I _____ toast for breakfast.  

                      When you are older, I _____ you come to celebrity parties with me.  

                      There is a spare glass of juice, I am _____ it.  

                      When I get back to the office I am _____ the calendar.  

                      Do you think Mrs Jones _____ her friends this summer?  

                      U3D4E4 - Grammar : Predictions

                      When I get back home

                        I think Mrs Jones

                          Look at the sky!

                            My teacher

                              The train is late!
                                • I will watch a film
                                • will like the dress I have chosen
                                • It's going to rain
                                • is going to France next year
                                • We are going to miss the class

                                U3D4E5 - Vocabulary

                                Breakfast is typically cooked in a?  

                                Which of the following does not contain or is made of meat?  

                                What verb means to bring or gather together?  

                                Which of the following is a common type of bread?  

                                Which of the following words can relate to being ill?  

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