Accompanied Walk

Conversation between Peter (caregiver) and Mrs Jones (resident)

Situation: Peter asks Mrs Jones if she wishes to take a walk with him. Mrs Jones is concerned that the weather may not be good and that she may feel tired from walking. Together they decide to go on a walk to the library.

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Grammar points:

Second and Third conditionals


Persons: Peter (caregiver), Mrs Jones (resident)

Location: Care facility sitting room

Peter: Good morning Mrs. Jones, how are you today?
Mrs Jones: Oh I could be better. If I had more energy I might be able to go outside more.
Peter: Would you like to go outside today? We could go for a walk together if you want to.
Mrs Jones: The weather forecast in the newspaper said that it would probably rain today.
Peter: It might rain today but I think that will be later, right now there are no clouds in the sky.
Mrs Jones: I saw Mrs. Brown going out to the shopping centre earlier. She was wearing a coat so it must be cold.
Peter: It's not very cold outside, but you could wear your coat too. Shall I fetch it for you?
Mrs Jones: I'm not sure, I may decide not to go for a walk at all.
Peter: Well it's up to you, but I am happy to walk with you. We could walk to the library to change your books.
Mrs Jones: I don't know really, I worry about getting tired.
Peter: We could walk to the shopping centre. We might meet Mrs. Brown there. Which do you prefer, the library or the shopping centre?
Mrs Jones: Well I do need to change my books but the library is quite far. I can't walk so far these days.
Peter: You've walked to the library before. If you get tired we could come back on the bus.
Mrs Jones: OK we can walk to the library. I must remember to take my library card.
Peter: Don't worry I will get it for you, and your coat. Would you like me to fetch your scarf too?
Mrs Jones: Yes please, it might be windy outside, or a little chilly.
Peter: I know that's the problem with the British weather. One minute it might be sunny, the next it might rain.
Mrs Jones: I know. I would like to live somewhere where the weather is more predictable.
Peter: Do you mean somewhere where the weather is always sunny?
Mrs Jones: Yes I do. I could sit out in the sun all day. I might even go swimming.
Peter: I thought you couldn't swim.
Mrs Jones: I can't swim, but if it was sunny everyday I would learn to swim like an Olympic swimmer. Maybe I could win some medals.
Peter: If it was sunny everyday I would invest in an ice cream business. People like to eat ice cream when it's sunny.
Mrs Jones: It’s more likely to rain every day in Britain.
Peter: If it rained every day I would invest in an umbrella business or a raincoat business. Ok, are you ready to leave?
Mrs Jones: I think so, now did I pick up my library card?
Peter: Yes you put it in your purse. You can't change your books without your library card.
Mrs Jones: And have you got my books Peter?
Peter: Yes I have them in my bag. They’re quite heavy.
Mrs Jones: I am sorry about that. Perhaps I may not get so many next time.
Peter: It’s ok, I can carry them. If I had read more books when I was younger I might have been your doctor now.
Mrs Jones : Well you do a good job as my carer.
Peter: Let's go then.
Mrs Jones : (Mrs Jones looks out of the window) It still looks as if it might rain.
Peter: (Peter holds up an umbrella) That’s why I'm bringing this along. In Britain you can never be too sure about the weather.
Mrs Jones : That’s true. If I had known that when I was younger I would have moved to a different country...a sunny one.
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