Discussions about Sleep Patterns

Conversation between Peter (caregiver) and Mrs Jones (resident) 

Situation: Mrs Jones has been struggling to sleep since having surgery on her hip. She discuses her situation with Peter, a young caregiver who works at the residential nursing home. Peter is responsible for establishing the extent of Mrs Jones’ sleeping problems, to report to his superior for possible intervention by the resident nurse.

Audio: Listen to the audio file here.

Grammar points:

Past simple tense

Persons: Peter (caregiver), Mrs Jones (resident)

Location: The discussion takes place in Mrs Jones’ room within the nursing home.

Peter: Hello Mrs Jones, it’s Peter. Mrs Jones, are you ok?
Mrs Jones: Oh hello Peter, I’m sorry I must have fallen asleep again.
Peter: I just wanted to bring you the book you asked for. I went to the library this morning and I remembered you had asked about this book.
Mrs Jones: That’s wonderful Peter, thank you. I just hope I can stay awake long enough to read it.
Peter: Is your sleeping a problem at the moment?
Mrs Jones: Yes, I think it is. I only slept for a couple of hours again last night.
Peter: Is your hip still hurting?
Mrs Jones: That’s the strange thing, it doesn’t really hurt.
Peter: What do you think the problem is then?
Mrs Jones: I think I’m a little nervous about sleeping awkwardly on my hip. I’m scared I might do some damage.
Peter: I saw the physiotherapist yesterday. He said that your hip was healing well.
Mrs Jones: I know it doesn’t make sense really. I was wondering if I could take anything to help me sleep.
Peter: I’m afraid you will need to speak with the nurse about that.
Mrs Jones: I spoke to her before but I was afraid to ask for any tablets
Peter: Why was that?
Mrs Jones: I was taking the pain medication at the time.
Peter: I can speak to the nurse for you if you want me to?
Mrs Jones: Yes please, though it would help if the care home were quieter at night.
Peter: What do you mean by that?
Mrs Jones: It’s the night staff, they’re not very quiet. Last night I heard two of them talking outside my room.
Peter: Really?
Mrs Jones: Yes, they were laughing and giggling about something. I was thinking about getting up to say something to them.
Peter: I’m sure they didn’t mean to disturb you.
Mrs Jones: They also disturb me when they’re turning lights on and off, and opening and closing doors.
Peter: I can speak to their supervisor, but you do understand that they have to check on a number of the residents during the night?
Mrs Jones: Yes, I understand. I just wish they could be quieter about it.
Peter: I worked with the night team a few weeks ago and I’m sure none of them mean to disturb anyone. In fact, I thought they were very good.
Mrs Jones: I thought they were good too, but now they seem to be keeping me awake.
Peter: I will speak to the supervisor and hopefully they will be a little more considerate around your room.
Mrs Jones: Thank you Peter, though I don’t want to get anyone into trouble.
Peter: No you won’t. I had to pass on a resident’s concerns before and Mrs Rose worked hard to make sure the issue was resolved.
Mrs Jones: Now where did you put that new book Peter? I finished the other one yesterday.
Peter: I put it on your table. Here it is.
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