U6D1E1 - Listening skills 1

Indicate if each statement is TRUE or FALSE bsed on the dialogue

Peter would like to arrange a day trip for a large group of senior citizens.
Some of the group get tired if they walk too far.
The price of the theatre trip does not include travel.
Peter does not have to pay for the trip immediately.
Peter is not looking forward to the trip.

U6D1E2 - Listening skills 2

Select the correct answer in each case, based on the dialogue.

Why does Peter want to book the trip for next week?   

Where will the senior citizens set off from?   

What is the first trip that the tourist officer (Mr Bates) suggests?   

What reason does Peter give for not choosing the art exhibition trip?   

What has happened to the old Roxy theatre?   

U6D1E3 - Grammar : Phrasal verbs 1

Drag and drop the correct particle after each verb.

When I left the sports team I had to give
    my uniform.
    Can you hold
      while I collect my books?
      I will not put
        with your bad behaviour.
        I know I can count
          Peter to help me.
          I will look
            the recipe on the internet.
            • back
            • on
            • up
            • on
            • up

            U6D1E3 - Grammar : Phrasal verbs 2

            Drag and drop the correct verb after each particle

            Peter will
              on working until the job is complete.
              I decided to
                off my driving test until I feel more confident.
                We will
                  off from the train station.
                  I will not
                    away with being rude at work.
                    This job is too difficult for me, I
                      • carry
                      • put
                      • set
                      • get
                      • give

                      U6D1E4 - Grammar : Intensifiers

                      Arrange the phrases from the weakest to the strongest based on the intensifier that is used.

                      A. I am extremely pleased with my gift. • B. I am fairly pleased with my gift. • C. I am really pleased with my gift.  

                      A. She is a pretty good dancer. • B. She is an extremely good dancer. • C. She is a really good dancer.  

                      A. The food is totally tasteless. • B. The food is quite tasteless. • C.The food is so tasteless.  

                      A. I quite agree with you. • B. I totally agree with you. • C. I really agree with you.  

                      A. I’m absolutely certain. • B. I’m fairly certain. • C. I’m very certain.  

                      U6D1E5 - Grammar : Question Tags

                      Complete the following question tags:

                      1. He could be a model, he?
                      2. They aren't in the box they?
                      3. She is a teacher, she?
                      4. They don't eat meat, they.

                      5. Peter working today, isn't he?
                      6. Jane arrived yet, has she?
                      7. I finished my work, haven't I?
                      8. The parcel arrive today, shouldn't it?

                      U6D1E6 - Vocabulary

                      Answer the following questions based on the information in the dialogue

                      Where would you go to see a play?   

                      Which of the following are NOT forms of transport?   

                      Which word means to improve an old building?   

                      Which word is most similar to ‘difficult’?   

                      Which word is most similar to ‘arrange’?   

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