U1D4E1 - Listening skills 1

Mr law explained to the group that he would explain to the group how to tell if someone was having a heart attack, and what they should do in such an
    . Peter suggested that a heart attack was when the heart suddenly stopped
      . What Peter described was actually a
          . A heart attack is when the blood supply to the
            is blocked, normally by a blood
              . The four things to look for to identify a heart attack are
                in the chest,
                    and to consider the patient's
                      , which may be rapid and weak.
                      • emergency
                      • beating
                      • cardiac
                      • arrest
                      • heart
                      • clot
                      • pain
                      • pale
                      • perspiration
                      • pulse

                      U1D4E2 - Listening skills 2

                      What should you arrange for if you suspect a heart attack?  

                      What other condition might the symptoms of a heart attack be confused with?  

                      If someone is having a heart attack, what colour might their skin appear?  

                      How old should a patient be before you consider giving them an aspirin?  

                      If a heart attack patient becomes unconscious, what protocol should you follow?  

                      U1D4E3 - Grammar : Intensifiers

                      It is ___ cold today!  

                      I have ______ books to read while on holiday.  

                      I am eating ___ much.  

                      I don't have ______ money to buy the bus ticket back home.  

                      It was ____ an enjoyable holiday!  

                      Georgina swims __ well!  

                      U1D4E4 - Grammar : Intensifiers

                      It was too difficult to read as

                        The jumper was so expensive

                          There were too many students

                            It was such a nice day

                              We didn't have enough money
                                • I didn't understand it
                                • so we didn't buy it
                                • so they had to open another room
                                • that we decided to go for a walk
                                • to buy the cake

                                U1D4E5 - Vocabulary

                                Peter came across a man slumped on the floor, he called but the man did not
                                  . Peter ran to the man and got down on his
                                    . Peter checked the man's heart rate by feeling his
                                      . The man's pulse was weak and his skin was
                                        . Peter suspected the man was having a
                                            . The man spoke and said he had
                                              in his chest, arm and
                                                . Peter had an Aspirin tablet in his pocket, which he gave to the man and told him to
                                                  it. Peter advised the man to relax, telling he that he would
                                                    for the emergency services to attend the situation.
                                                    • respond
                                                    • knee
                                                    • pulse
                                                    • pale
                                                    • heart
                                                    • attack
                                                    • pain
                                                    • jaw
                                                    • chew
                                                    • arrange
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