U6D2E1 - Listening Skills 1

What did Mrs Jones do before Peter arived? She
    On which day will the next class take place? On
      What does Mrs Jones plan to take immediately after the class? She plans to
        Who does Peter ask Mrs Jones to invite to the next class? He inivites
          What does Peter tell Mrs Jones to keep bent while lifting her leg? Her
            • warmed up
            • Tuesday
            • shower
            • Mrs Brown
            • knee

            U6D2E2 - Listening Skills 2

            What does Peter tell Mrs Jones to do with her head?  

            What does Mrs Jones think about the leg lifting exercise?  

            If you exercise often, how will you feel?  

            What does Peter tell Mrs Jones to follow  

            What part of Mrs Jones' body does she seldom exercise?  

            U6D2E3 - Grammar : Adverbs of Frequency

            Peter's bedroom is very untidy, he ______ cleans it  

            Mrs Brown has lost her glasses again, she _______ forgets where she has left them  

            My local church has a ______ service, it takes place every Sunday  

            Mrs Jones is a very good musician because she practices _________  

            My mother and father visit Australia ______  

            U6D2E4 - Grammar : Imperatives

            Put your hands
              Return to
                Place both feet
                    Let your arms
                      • on the side of the chair
                      • your starting position
                      • on the ground
                      • for three minutes
                      • hang down

                      U6D2E5.1 - Grammar : Zero Conditionals

                      When it _____, the ground gets wet  

                      If I don't _____, I get tired  

                      If you ___ too much, you gain weight  

                      When it is ____, people wear coats  

                      U6D2E5.2 - Grammar : First Conditionals

                      Peter will go swimming if he has ____ tomorrow  

                      If it rains tomorrow, will bring my ________  

                      If I finish my ________ early, I will go to the cinema  

                      If I fall off my bike, I might ____ myself  

                      U6D2E6 - Vocabulary

                      Which word means to continue with something?  

                      Which word means to move in a circle? (or in a circular motion)  

                      Which of the following is a way to place your feet on the ground?  

                      What should you do after exercising?  

                      Which word means to move in a sloping or angled position?  

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