U3D1E1 - Listening skills 1

The changes being proposed are based on Mrs Rose's opinion
As people get older the amount of calories they require is reduced
Vitamin B12 is found in vegetables
Peter will have to give supplements to residents
The doctor will provide some leaflets containing information about supplements

U3D1E2 - Listening skills 2

What reason does Peter give for why some residents may not follow the advice?  

Who is going to speak to the residents to emphasize how important good health is?  

According to Peter, how do our bodies create Vitamin D?  

What does Mrs Rose suggest the benefit of magnesium supplements is?  

Which of the following foods is a poor source of magnesium?  

U3D1E3 - Grammar : Future Tense 1

I hope
    a good grade for your test.
    On the 20th of February it is my husband's birthday.
      50 years old.
      I hope
        and visit me this week.
        • you will get
        • He will be
        • he'll come

        U3D1E3 - Grammar : Future Tense 2

        I think
          some flowers for my sister's birthday.
          There is a long queue at the ticket office.
            our train.
            The floor is not dry, be careful
              • I will buy
              • We are going to miss
              • you are going to fall

              U3D1E3 - Grammar : Future Tense 3

              The flight leaving for Paris is late.
                late for our meeting.
                My exams are very near.
                  study harder.
                  I'm sure
                    a very good nurse.
                    • We are going to be
                    • I am going to
                    • you will be

                    U3D1E3 - Grammar : Future Tense 4

                    Be quick! The film
                        late because of traffic.
                          quiet while you talk to your parents.
                          • is going to start
                          • He will probably be
                          • I will be

                          U3D1E4 - Grammar : Future Tense

                          My exam is very near. I'm going to study harder  

                          On the 20th of February it is my husband's birthday he will be 50 years old  

                          I hope she'll come and visit me this week  

                          I think I will buy some flowers for my sister's birthday  

                          There is a long queue at the ticket office. We are going to miss our train  

                          U3D1E5 - Vocabulary

                          What is the action of dispensing, giving or applying something?  

                          Which system in the body is resistant to particular infections or toxins?  

                          How might we give special importance to something in speaking or writing?  

                          What substance provides nourishment to the body?  

                          Which word means to have a conventionally recognized form or structure?  

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