U1D5E1 - Listening skills 1

Mr Wilkins told Peter that he wanted to make a number of
    about the treatment of his father. He suggested that someone had taken a
      from his father's room. He also suggested that the lady that looked after his father in the
        is not very
          . Peter suggested that the book may be in the
            . Mr Wilkins was also worried about his
              because he seemed to be getting so
                . Peter tried to reassure Mr Wilkins by saying that he thought his father hadn't missed any
                  while he was on duty. Peter said he could arrange for Mr Wilkins to have a short meeting with the
                    . When peter returned with the book, from the wardrobe, Mr Wilkins admitted that he may have been a little too
                      to make a complaint. Ultimately Mr Wilkins was happy with how Peter dealt with his concerns.
                      • complaints
                      • book
                      • evening
                      • kind
                      • wardrobe
                      • father
                      • thin
                      • meals
                      • nurse
                      • quick

                      U1D5E2 - Listening skills 2

                      Why did Peter invite Mr Wilkins to a different room?  

                      Who did Peter first suggest he would fetch to speak with Mr Wilkins?  

                      Who is the lady that serves meals in the evening?  

                      What did Peter say that he couldn't comment on?  

                      Rachel said that Mr Wilkin's father had:  

                      U1D5E3 - Grammar : Relative Clauses

                      The girl,
                        father is my teacher, has just finished her university degree.
                        The man,
                          looked very sad, is my best friend.
                          The book
                            you bought me last year is missing.
                            I passed the exam
                              I took last week.
                              My school,
                                is next to the hospital, is closed today because of floods.
                                  are insects, are very important for the production of honey.
                                    is very good at directions, has given me the route plan for my next journey.
                                    The nurse
                                      looks after my mother is leaving.
                                      • whose
                                      • who
                                      • that
                                      • that
                                      • that
                                      • which
                                      • who
                                      • who

                                      U1D5E4 - Grammar : Relative Clauses

                                      I applied for a job last year. It’s a job
                                        attracted many applicants.
                                        At the interview it was very hot. The woman
                                          was sitting next to me was feeling unwell. I called the receptionist
                                            was sitting next to a window and asked her if the person
                                              was feeling unwell could sit near her to get some fresh air.
                                              The receptionist,
                                                looked very annoyed, reluctantly agreed. Not long after the woman felt much better.

                                                They eventually called me in for the interview. There were 3 managers conducting the interview. The one,
                                                  looked like my next door neighbour, was very friendly and made me feel at ease. On the other hand, the one,
                                                    hair was very short, seemed very serious and did not ask many questions. A few weeks later, a letter arrive telling me I had got the job
                                                      I wanted so much.
                                                      • that
                                                      • who
                                                      • who
                                                      • who
                                                      • who
                                                      • that
                                                      • whose
                                                      • that

                                                      U1D5E5 - Vocabulary

                                                      Which of the following words is most associated with worrying?  

                                                      Which of the following words could relate to someone's professional ability?  

                                                      Which of the following could you do to an appointment?  

                                                      Which of the following words could mean 'to chase'?  

                                                      Which word relates most closely to losing weight?  

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